Updated on 20/09/2021

STEMZ 2021

Scarborough Chapter of Professional Engineers of Ontario would like to inform that the fifth annual STEMZ designed for Scarborough high school students (Grades 9 to12). This exciting contest involves 1) an Educational component to enhance students’ knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering,  Math and 2) a Contest, to prepare students as good future citizens.  

The STEMZ will also cover areas of Art, Finance, Business, Sports, Health and other areas where Math and Science play vital roles. In order to enhance the engineering profession in the educational outreach and to improve the student’s interest and performance towards STEM, Scarborough Chapter is organizing this contest.  

The contest will be based on the articles published in the Scarborough Chapter Website. Students should read, understand the contents and sample questions for the preparation of the STEMZ Contest.

Important Information

*  Eligibility: First preference will be given to students from Scarborough, Ontario area (Attending to a Scarborough school).

* Deadline for registration: October 17, 2021, Sunday

* Date of competition: October 23, 2017, Saturday

* Visit the PEOSC website often for the latest information, including model questions and confirmation of your registration.

* Please email your questions to our event coordinator: stemz@peoscarborough.ca

* VENUE: Virtual - Zoom and Google Platforms, make sure you have Google account.



Competition Level

1. Senior Level – Students enrolled in Grades 11 and 12

2. Junior Level – Students enrolled in Grades 9 and 10


Eligibility, Testing standard and Prizes

1. First preference will be given to Scarborough, Ontario area students (Attending to a Scarborough school).

2. Questions are designed to reflect the Ontario Curriculum level

3. Questions relate to the application of science, technology, engineering  and math.

4. Prize values given below for the students:





5. All participants will be given a certificate of participation.



1. Registration will be on first come first served basis.

2. About 60 students will be registered for each level. Additional applicants will be wait-listed.

3. There is no limit on number of students from each school, however a teacher can register up to 20 students.

4. There’s no registration fee for this year’s competition.

5. Participants will be given a link to zoom meet to join for the competition one day before the event date.

6. School teachers shall register the students in his/her class up to 20 students. If a school does not participate, parents or guardians of interested students may register directly.

7. Students in grades 9, and 10 can only participate in Junior level while students in grades 11 and 12 can only participate in senior level.

8. Past report card or any other means of proving the student’s current grade is necessary.

9. Follow the Link for Registration.


Competition Format

1. Both Senior and Junior levels are individual events.

2. On the date of the event, Zoom meet will start 30 mins prior to the event starting time. Host will let you in based on your registered email id. 5 mins before the event start, the host will start to let those who are in wait list to join until the quota of 60 participants is achieved.

3. Please join with your microphone on and camera on. The entire competition will be monitored by the Chapter to confirm the participation.

4. Latecomers will not be allowed to join.

5. Speed and accuracy are tested.

6. Questions will be shared in Zoom screen as a presentation.

7. Google form will be used by the student to enter their answers.

8. Students are allowed to use aids like calculators, paper, pens and books.

9. Cell phones or any device capable of telecommunication are not permitted.

10. Microphone and camera are required, and have to be on at all time during competition period (approximately 1 hour)

11. No parents, family, friends help during the competition. Make sure to sit in quiet room without disturbance prior to starting the competition.



1. Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers or unanswered questions.



1. This contest will be conducted in English only.

2. A panel of adjudicators will resolve all disputes. Their decisions are final and binding.

3. Teachers, parents, guardians and their guests are welcome to attend the pre andd post event.

4. Teachers, parents, guardians and their guests are required not to assist or interfere with the participants. 

5. A student without proper registration will not be permitted to participate in the competition.

6. Model questions are posted on our website. Follow the link on the left side of this webpage.