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***** Newsletter Issue 1 - 2012 *****

Newsletter Issue 1 for 2012 - now available to read/download. Click to View

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

Sep 05 - Certificate Presentation

Aug 09 - Seminar - Build Your Career (as an engineer) - Presntation available now.


Chapter Board Meetings

Chapter board meeting are normally held on first Thursday or Friday of every month.

Members may register to attend a meeting by contacting the Secretary.

Contacting the Board of Executives

Next board meeting

Date: Oct 12, 2012 (Friday)

Time: 7:00 PM Meeting start. 6:30 PM with Dinner

To register to attend next BOD meeting, please visit http://www.scarborough.peo.on.ca/
Click on Event Calendar on left, click on event on Aug 2012, click on the date and click Register Now. (Please await registration information)

Venue: Yee Hong Centre, 60 Scottfield Drive, Scarborough-ON

Map - Click for Map of location Google Maps icon

Agenda of meeting - Draft Agenda TBA

Volunteering with Scarborough Chapter

The chapter organizes various events of engineering interest, such as technical talks, workshops with hands-on experience, visits to installations, contests for school children, financial seminars, etc., etc.

All these events require planning, organizing and implementation. The chapter requires volunteers to take charge of the various activities required to execute a successful event.

What you could do at Scarborough Chapter:

What does a volunteer gain in this process?

Volunteering in chapter activities gives an exposure to project planning, teamwork, implementation, etc. with such added features as:

Our chapter welcomes all its members to join the volunteering team.

Contact Chapter Board of Executives


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Past Events:
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