About PEO Scarborough Chapter


The Scarborough Chapter is one of the largest Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) chapters, belongs to the East Central Region with about 2.500 members. It covers the areas with postal codes beginning with M 1, B C E G H J K L M N P R S T V W, X.

Please review the Scarborough Chapter's by-laws.

Goals of the Scarborough Chapter

  • To inform engineers of new technologies and techniques relevant to all disciplines through tours and seminars
  • To solicit the engineers opinion on what the chapter can do for them
  • To help engineers to a better career through seminars and workshops
  • To promote Engineering in the schools, universities and the community
  • To provide means for engineers to meet and network
  • To create a community environment by organizing social gatherings for engineers and their families
  • To create a sense of pride in every engineer

Benefits of the PEO Membership

  • Term Life and Accident Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Homeowner's Insurance
  • Disability Income Replacement
  • Personal Accident Benefit
  • Business Overhead Expense
  • Extended Health Care
  • Dental Care
  • CCPE Sponsored Financial Security Program

Chapter Board


From left to right:

  • Chair -          Lin (Victor) Lan, P. Eng., LEED AP.
  • Vice Chair - Peng Zhang, P. Eng., LEED AP.
  • Treasurer - Javeed Ahmed Khan, Ph.D., P. Eng., SMIEEE.
  • Secretary - Rajendra Gadhvi, P.Eng.
  • Executive - Santosh Gupta, P. Eng.
  • Executive - René Siguenza, P.Eng.
  • Executive - Shinta Gragossain, EIT.
  • Executive - Samuel Jacob, P.Eng.
  • Past Chair - Murad Hussain, M. Eng., P.Eng., FEC.

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