Saturday, 21 April 2007
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by Calvin Zhong

The Mathletics Contest on Saturday, April 21, 2007 at the Scarborough Civic Center organized by the Professional Engineers of Ontario Scarborough Chapter was a great opportunity for students from grade 3 to grade 8. In this event we learned that mathematics can be used everywhere, from architectures to hydraulics.

This time I didn’t do well for a lot of the questions were very tricky and I didn’t know that the contest would be this hard.

The way of answering using clickers was very ingenious, because if we raise our hands to answer the people that is in charge of looking for who raised their hand first will have a lot of problems deciding who raised their hand up first. But if we used clickers the computer will sense who entered their answers first, and it’s very fast.

In the end, I realized that I need to study harder if I wanted to win next year, because half of the questions I did not know how to calculate, and I got an average of 42%.

In March I entered the bridge building contest by the Professional Engineers of Ontario Scarborough Chapter and I thought it was very good because I got to learn about the different strengths of different bridges, and I learned a lot from that too.

In conclusion, I want to thank the volunteers and the others that made this competition possible, for I have learned a lot of things including where and how mathematics is used in engineering, or even in life, and that I have to study much harder if I want to be a engineer for my profession when I grow up, and exceeding in math is the first step of being an engineer.

Congratulations to the following *** STARS ***

Junior category

Last Name First Name School Name Points Max % Rank Grade
Wu Kevin Seneca Hill PS 385 450 85.6 First 6
Wu Henry Seneca Hill PS 303.9 450 67.5 Second 5
Wong Gabriel Seneca Hill PS 280 450 62.2 Third 6
Huang Andy Seneca Hill PS 267.8 450 59.5 Fourth 6
Zhan Reena Seneca Hill PS 257.8 450 57.3 Fifth 5

Senior category

Last Name First Name School Name Points Max % Rank Grade
Sithamparapillai Arun Ontario International Institute 365 450 81.1 First 7
Shaan Saravannan Churchill Heights PS 310 450 68.9 Second 8
Zhan Eric University of Toronto PS 265 450 58.9 Third 7
He Deyi University of Toronto PS 195 450 43.3 Fourth 7
Zhong Calvin Henry Kelsey PS 190 450 42.2 Fifth 7

Junior - grade 6 students and below
Senior - grade 8 students and below
Individuals only.

Where: Scarborough Civic Center, 150 Borough Drive, Scarborough, Ontario
When: 21 April 2007  10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Registration: Closed
Parental Permission form and registration fee: 14 April 2007

remote/clickersMathletics 2007 is a competition designed to create a passion in the application of mathematics in solving day-to-day scientific and engineering problems. Students will be challenged to be active and creative in the use of mathematics.  Different facets of mathematics will be introduced and tested.

clickersMathletics 2007 will be conducted in an auditorium and all guests/parents will be able to watch the students in action. Questions will be projected on a screen and the students will respond using the remote/clickers. Results and answers will also be displayed on a large screen. Competition will be fast paced and students will be rewarded for answering faster than their colleagues.

children in Mathletics 2006Prizes will be awarded to the best three students in each category.

einsteinDo you want to design new computers, cars, appliances, airplanes, rockets, space shuttles, nuclear reactors, buildings etc. or become a scientist like Einstein?

Math is a skill needed to accomplish your dreams.
With your hard work and creativity you could one day become the Einstein of this millennium.

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Registration in each event is limited to the first 100 students. Both events are individual events. To avoid disappointment. please encourage your students to register early.