Tuesday, 15 & 22 July 2008


IMG_1255The initiative to present a web development session was a great idea. It is timely that almost all the practicing engineers daily browse at least one or two sites. They might also wonder how they could promote their companies through a public domain. However, not having knowledge in web development leaves them not only inactive, but also frustrated. PEO Scarborough chapter’s interest and initiative brought more than 25 engineers as trainees and 5-6 engineers as trainers, amongst them a few experts and professional trainers, in a meeting room of a community library located at 184 Sloane Ave, Scarborough. The trainees were a mixed group, seniors and juniors, men and women, new Canadians and well-settled Canadians. It proved that web technology is for everyone today.

The training was of two (2) day sessions, a week apart. The first day began with a lot of enthusiasm amongst the trainees and trainers. It was amazing that a few trainers were newly settling Canadians, both men and women, demonstrating skills and knowledge extraordinarily. In addition, there were young volunteers, who arrived little late, but swift in fixing things and making the systems work for the trainees. The training required to be organized first from scratch, installing a main server, providing internet (network) connection to the trainees without wireless connection, provisions for each trainee to hook up their laptops etc., etc.. This is not new to PEO Scarborough chapter and they proved their capacity again. In spite of a few hiccups in organizing and making the training room settled, the session went well with good hands on preview instruction, photography and a great pizza dinner.

The second day proved learning by mistake is the great experience, because the training room was prepared and settled in no time. The instructions were prepared and presented well without much distraction by the trainees and kept the trainees attentive all the time. Photo opts and dinner were added bonuses to the session again. Please note the session went well fewer volunteers this time.

Thank you PEO Scarborough chapter and congratulations on your achievement. As a volunteer and participant of the session I look forward more of this type of initiatives. Every team member’s contribution in this effort was highly commendable. Keep up with your good work.

IMG_1277Designing web pages is like constructing a house there are several steps involved that have to be done in order for the final result to be perfect if the order is not perfect then the end result is not accurate and will not look nice. On the day I was there for the web page workshop, which was held on July 22, 2008, which was a day of learning as well as having fun designing web pages the instructor explained on html codes. It was basic things like how to save a web page and upload it on the internet. We also learnt how to insert paragraphs, headings in the form of HTML codes, which was really cool, also learnt about CSS styles which is cascading style sheets. We even learnt the different styles of font, which ranged from small to big. The most important thing on a web page was that we learnt how to put pictures on a web page.

On the whole it was a different experience for me and I learnt a lot from this web workshop.

IMG_1254I found the seminar very interesting and potentially useful. Some concepts and many manipulations with the computer were new to me. I would have appreciated more time on creating a simple web page and the opportunity to use more tags and CSS etc in creating an appealing web page.

It was unfortunate that a lot of time was spent in the first session in getting everyone connected to the local wireless network. I personally learned a lot during that struggle because I know nothing of it before.

IMG_1268Armed with enthusiasm as a guest of the chapter member I attended the Web Page Design at the Library building sponsored by the Scarborough Chapter of PEO. Wires and wireless signals crisscrossed connecting the computers of the participants to the local server. Peter’s principle prevailed and we had some issues with the connections. Dennis Carlos could not cover the topic all he could on that day. Dennis sent homework assignment to cover the loss of time in the first class.

Denis handed out the code information in the second class. With the limited time frame Denis covered as much he could. Denis and other volunteers of the chapter put in lot of efforts to make the event useful for the participants. I applaud their efforts in contributing their valuable time for others.

All programs could always use input from the participants. The suggestions would include the following:

  1. Get the input of the participant’s level of understanding of the topic. It would help the instructor to prepare accordingly.
  2. Give the handout prior to the class and direct the participants to come prepared if necessary.
  3. Give all possible references; books and websites useful for further follow up by the participants.
  4. Example of Web Page creation in a sequential order would have enhanced the workshop.

Once again big thank you to Denis Carlos and his team in conducting the workshop.

When Two consecutive sessions on 2008-07-15 and 2008-07-22

5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

5:30 - 6:00 Connect your laptop to our local network
Download & install software
6:00 sharp Workshop begins
Where TTC bus map Victoria Village Library, 184 Sloane Ave., Toronto, ON, M4A 2C4

Closest major intersection: Lawrence Ave. East and Victoria Park Ave.
Located on northwest corner of Sloane Ave. and Sweeney Dr.

Public transit: bus #24 Victoria Park, #91 C,F rush hour
Parking: Because of the limited parking behind library, please park on one of the adjacent streets.
Map Google Maps
Registration Contact N. Asogan, EIT 416-901-5266 (evenings)
First come first served. Priority will be given to Scarborough Chapter members, then other PEO members, guests and friends.

Registration closes on 11th. July, 6:00 p.m.

Cost $20 for both sessions, payable on entry to the first session on 15 July. Sponsored by Scarborough Chapter.
If you wish to attend, but this charge represents a financial deterrent, please contact us and we will make every effort to accomodate your situation.
Light refreshments and snacks will be served.

by Denis Carlos, M.B.A., P.Eng.

Have you ever thought that the Internet could do with a few words of (your own) wisdom?

Learn to create your own web pages in two short sessions

Upload your pages to a live web server

Enjoy the 'enhanced' Internet

Scarborough Chapter has hosted web design seminars that have had good feedback from participants. Beyond overall page design, many people have requested a technical workshop to enable them to actually build real web pages.

xhtml keys

This very short, hands-on, two part workshop will teach you how to build basic web pages from scratch. It is a quick introduction to the basic "language" of the World Wide Web (WWW) -- Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Upload your files to a web server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). View them in a browser. Go home, try it out yourself. Come back next week (with your questions) and learn some more techniques.

This workshop will be conducted by Denis Carlos, who teaches at Centennial College. Among several engineering and business subjects, he also teaches web design and development.

All required software tools will be provided before the session begins. You can download them and install them on your computer free of charge.

Being a "hands-on" workshop, you need to bring a laptop and power adapter. A working wireless connection will enable you to upload (and view) your files on a local web server. (A few wired connections are also available.) If you do not have a laptop and are unable to borrow one, you can bring any small computer. A laptop is recommended because it takes more time to set up a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. You will also need a long extension cord!



We will be using styles extensively for formatting, so you have to know what styles are. Styles are a very useful (but underused) feature of all modern word processors. Please start your word processor, click on Help and find out:

  1. What is a style is.
  2. The difference between character and paragraph styles.

content + style = webpage