Tuesdayday, 23 September 2008

Ken Chiu, MC of the event addressing the gathering Raju Chander presenting the seminar
Session in progress Participants

Review 1

By Gaurav Sheel, P.Eng, P.M.P

I attended recent seminar at Nuclear power plant arranged for members on September 23 at Pickering plant. I have attended many technical and management seminars before and this one was one of the most magnificent one. The subject was covered very nicely, thoroughly and wonderfully. We were given so much of insight about the functioning of the nuclear reactor that it turned as a life time opportunity for me and I am sure this must be so for many others. The functioning of nuclear power generation and model of Nuclear reactor were shown in the seminar.

I woul like to thank Mr. Raju Chander who tried to put his whole experience in so simple and detailed manner. I was so impressed with so much of the knowledge that was given to us in so little time. He had given insight on many technologies of nuclear generation and gave the pros and cons of each technology.

We not only were given insight of wind power generation and site visit of live wind mill generator but also had opportunity to discuss this alternate source of energy in the forum.

This seminar has helped in grooming new engineers and also the highly experienced engineers. This not only imparts knowledge in one of the domains of engineering but also gave an opportunity to engineers to be together and socialize.

I thank PEO Scarborough Chapter for arranging this and once again thank Mr. Raju Chander and other organizeres for all their effort.

Lastly I wish that such activities are repeated time and again.

Review 2

By Whitefield YE P.Eng.

On September 23, 2008 PEO Scarborough Charter organized a Seminar on Nuclear and Wind Power at the Picking Nuclear Information Center near Pickering Generation Station with a visit to Wind Turbine. About 34 members of the chapter attended the event.

PEO Scarborough Chapter Chair Mr. Raju Chander, P. Eng. made an excellent presentation, with special focus on the Canadian designed CANDU reactors, and he also compared this design with the PWR. Future of nuclear energy in Ontario was also discussed.

The visitors were very much interested in Nuclear and Wind Power. The comparison between CANDU (also known as PHWR) and PWR (mostly used in USA) was interesting. Reactor Core Materials and Processing Parameter Control were also introduced. The level of the visitors was quite varied, some of them were experts, while some of them didn’t know much about nuclear reactors. But one thing was common; that all were very much interested in Nuclear Power, they wanted to know more about the Nuclear Power.

With the global shortage of energy, oil and natural gas, there is too much reliance on the oil producing countries. The government has no choice but to build more Nuclear Power Station to satisfy the increasing power requirement. CANDU Technology has been proven and is very reliable and economical technology. This direction will give the Professional Engineer a very broad oppurtunity to develop.


When 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where Pickering Nuclear Information Centre, Pickering Generation Station, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering.
Brock Road and Montgomery Park Road, Pickering, Ontario L1W 1A1
No convenient public transit in the evenings; kindly send a request for rides.
Driving: directions from Scarborough, take Hwy 401 East, exit onto Brock Road South, 3km turn right (West) onto Montgomery Park Road, within 200 meters turn south (left turn) into the fenced area of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and follow the posted signs to the Information Centre. Parking is available in front of the Information Centre.
Map Information Centre; Google map
Registration Send an email to Piyush Patel, P.Eng.


Cost Sponsored by Scarborough Chapter
Scarborough Chapter members: Free
PEO members: Free
Guests and others: Free
5:45 p.m. Assemble in the Pickering Nuclear Information CentreLight refreshments and snacks will be served.
6:00 p.m. Introduction
6:10 p.m. Wind power
6:40 p.m. Break
6:50 p.m. Nuclear power
7:20 p.m. Q & A
7:30 p.m. Walk to view the wind turbne
8:30 p.m. End

Speaker: Raju Chander, P.Eng.

Raju Chander has been working in nuclear engineering for over four decades. He started his career in the world renowned Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Mumbai, India. He was working for the development of Fast Breeder Reactors in India. Which is a unique concept and in the development stage all over the world. After coming to Canada he joined Ontario Power generation in the design department and later on moved to Plant life Extension Project.

Seminar on Nuclear Power will introduce Canadian designed CANDU reactors and, discuss the future of nuclear energy in Ontario. Seminar on Wind Power will discuss about wind turbines and the share of the wind power in Canada. This will be followed by a visit to the Wind Turbine at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.

Increasing restrictions on GHG (Green House Gases) due to global warming has increased the interest in renewable energy sources. Renewable sources such as bio-fuels, solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power and tidal power are considered as sustainable energy sources. The seminar on wind power will introduce the concept of wind power and its current share in the province of Ontario. Incentives provided by federal and provincial governments will also be discussed.

The seminar will be followed by a visit to the prototype wind turbine installed at Pickering site which produces about 1.8 MW.

Note: Due to restrictions we will only be able to see the wind turbine from a distance of about 5 meters.

There is renewed interest in Nuclear Power in Ontario after the sanction of two new nuclear reactors. This will create new opportunities for all engineers and skilled labour. In addition to this most of the nuclear reactors in US and Canada are aging and need to be refurbished or replaced. Nuclear corporate giants are gearing themselves to capture their market share. Seminar on Nuclear Power will introduce the fundamentals of nuclear power production and will discuss about the CANDU reactors and its safety features.