Saturday, 28 February 2009

Career Fair on 28 Feb 2009 at Centennial College

Organised by
Hon. Margarett Best, MPP.

Career Fair Pictures

Meeting Review

by - Madu Suthanan,P.Eng.

On invitation from Hon. Margerett Best, MPP, PEO Scarborough Chapter was represented by N. Madusuthanan, Vice-Chair, Volunteer Mohammed Salim and Rani Madusuthanan. There were about 25 organizations taking part in the Career fair with a large number of volunteer high-School and College students helping with unloading, arranging and loading our equipments.

There was a steady stream of visitors to our Booth. We had many brochures and handouts supplied by the PEO for distribution. As many of the visitors were students, the brochures that were most useful were the ones that encouraged children to follow Engineering Careers: “You Find Engineering in the most Amazing places..”, etc. were grabbed by the students with enthusiasm.

We projected the Video, “Engineers can do anything” on a small screen. This attracted some of the students and their parents. Some of them inquired if we had any “Engineering Summer Camps” for students as shown on the video. This got us thinking weather we should organize such camps in association with some summer schools.

Hon. Margarett Best, MPP and others made various presentations to all the visitors and participating organisations.

There were a number of Internationally Trained Engineering Graduates, who were interested in applying to PEO for licensing. We supplied them with materials as well as advised them on requirements for applying for licensing. Some had been misinformed about the PEO licensing procedure, and we were able to dispel their concerns.

Our Regional Councillors Major Corneliu Chisu and Denis Carlos also visited our booth and encouraged us.

In conclusion, the Career Fair was a good success and we could represent PEO to the public very well. We received a letter from Hon Margarett Best MPP for our Participation.