Saturday, 07 March 2009

Once again, The Chinese Professional Association Canada (CPAC) hosted a P.Eng. licensing seminar on Saturday, March 7 2009 at their Midland and Finch head quarters. Over 60 internationally trained engineers (ITE) attended the event. This time, the event was not only attended by the ITEs from Chinese origin, but also attended by ITEs from Bangladesh, Rushia and other Europian countries.

Here is an email from one of the participants.

Dear Ms. Mahalingam:

I want to express my appreciation to you and Mr. Gupta for the CPAC Professional Engineering Licensure seminar on last rainy Saturday. It was extremely informative and great help to me and other international trained engineers to understand the benefits of a PEO license, the licensing/registration requirements and the application process.

The additional information and examples on how to prepare experience interview and detailed engineering summary are very useful to me.

Once again, thank you for paving the successful road for international trained engineers in Scarborough and surrounding areas. I hope in the near future I can be one member of PEO Scarborough chapter and contribute my limited ability to PEO.


Thomas Yang

Yonggang Yang Civil Engineer (China)