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By: Urszula Adach, P. Eng.

The presentation by Peter M De Vita about Emerging Engineering Disciplines was organized by PEO Scarborough Chapter and took place on July 26, 2010.

Although the topic of the presentation did not appear broad, the actual content of the presentation and following Q&A part revealed many issues and answers. The attendees of the presentation had a chance to learn about many aspects of engineering, including evolution of regulatory framework in engineering, review of engineering governance in other countries and emerging engineering disciplines.

The very interesting part about regulatory processes focused on the inclusion of new engineering disciplines like Bio-engineering and Nano-Molecular Engineering within engineering regulatory framework in Ontario.

Peter M De Vita’s experience and knowledge of relevant legislature enhanced understanding of regulatory processes and instilled more interest in the subject.

It was interesting to learn not only about constantly evolving new disciplines in science and engineering but also about the importance of incorporating these new emerging disciplines within the professional regulations.


By: Sant S Marwaha, P.Eng., PMP

Yes Peter's presentation was quite informative touching the practicality prevailing around and how the ongoing technological changes impact on the requirement of the PEO licensure practices. I think that this is the way that engineers share, care and vouch the prevailing practices by taking proactive measures to alleviate the process to regulate this profession in Ontario.

On a personal note, I want to thank Scarborough chapter for arranging such seminar.


By: Syed Q. Raza; P.Eng.

PEO Scarborough Chapter organized a Technical Seminar on ‘Emerging Disciplines in Engineering’. The program started at 6:00 pm with serving of refreshments. At 06:30 pm, Raju Chander P.Eng. introduced the speaker, Peter M DeVita P.Eng. to audience, highlighting his experience and services to engineering community as past PEO president and Chair of Emerging Disciplines Task Force.
During the seminar, Peter discussed the exponential growth in R&D and new inventions in last few decades as a result of emergence of numerous engineering disciplines like Nano-engineering, bio-engineering etc. This fast growth in engineering has created challenges for PEO as an organization to effectively regulate these disciplines. Peter discussed the importance of regulating these disciplines and the impact on public safety. Peter explained in detail the steps PEO is taking to streamline the process of regulation of these emerging engineering disciplines.
The session concluded with a Q/A session around 8:pm . Overall it was a well organized event.


When 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Where Malvern Library - 30 Sewells Rd. Scarborough, ON, M1B 3G5
Major Intersection - Neilson and Sewells Road
Public transit: Bus 133 - Neilson (Click for route info)
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Contact Name: Joe Ha
First come first served. Priority will be given to Scarborough Chapter members, then other PEO members, guests and friends.
Cost Sponsored by Scarborough Chapter
Light refreshments and snacks will be served.

Emerging Disciplines in Engineering

By - Peter M DeVita, P.Eng., M.A.Sc., M.B.A., MCIPS, MADR, F.E.C.

The PEO is charged with the responsibility to govern the practice of Engineering. Hence, as new areas of practice are recognized it must act to ensure that these are properly regulated so that the public interest is served and protected.

Emerging disciplines are unique conditions of only the Engineering profession. As new technologies are formed entirely new areas of practice are also formed. For example, a surgeon can do surgery using a stainless steel knife or with a Laser machine. Either way, the surgeon is still doing surgery so the basic scope of practice has not changed. However, in engineering, it is a radical change to go from making stainless steel to making a laser cutting machine.

Even though we have recently (in the last 15 years or so) have recognised emerging disciplines, this has been happening all along just at a slower pace. Civil engineers began to organizes themselves in England in 1818. Mechanical Engineers saw themselves as a new discipline in 1848. Later came Electrical Engineers getting into the early 1900's. Where these new areas were emerging every 50 years or so, they are now expected every 5 to 7 years. Which now begs a big question for the profession - how are we going to continue to handle these as we move into the future.

Bio of the Presenter

peterPeter M DeVita has been on every such Task Force by PEO beginning with the Software Engineering. Peter has been the driving force behind creating such task forces and moving the profession towards recognizing new areas of practice such as Bio-Engineering, Nano-Molecular Engineering, Communications Infrastructure Engineering and so forth.

Awards & Honours
•Ontario Order of Honour, Companion, 2003 -the highest level of PEO's Awards.
•Fellow of Engineers Canada (FEC), for Professional Contributions - Nov 2009,

PEO experience
•President, 2000-2001
•chair of Emerging Disciplines Task Force
•National Mobility (2009)
•Chair of 1997 Election Reform
•Audit Committee
•Nominations Committee
•PEO-CSPE Joint Committee
•Whole Discipline Committee (first)
•WEAC Councillor
•LGA Councilor, 1991-1997

Engineers Canada
•Board 1998-2002
•Executive Committee 2000-2001.

•Chaired OSPE’s committee to address Industrial Exception
•OSPE Board 2004-2007

•Initiated co-operative relationship with PEO, leading to creation of OSPE
•CSPE board 1976-1986
•President 1984 – 1986
•30+ years volunteer service to Profession.

YorkU: M.B.A, 1985; UofT: M.A.Sc.,1974; B.A.Sc.,1971

Community Activities
Coach and Convener
Church - volunteer
Political – Riding president, organizer, candidate

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Employer: DeVita Associates