Thursday, 28 October 2010


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By: Laurie Rutenberg, LC - Specification Representative - Philips/Canlyte

I was pleased to be invited to the “Light and Health” presentation that was sponsored by the Scarborough Professional Engineers of Ontario, Scarborough Chapter on Thursday, October 28, 2010. I had read the bio of the presenter which along with my involvement in the lighting industry prompted my interest in attending meeting. Uthayan has an extensive background in electrical engineering, with a focus on various aspects of lighting design. His latest travel and education experience led him to Sweden where he obtained his MSc in Lighting.

The presentation started with a review of current practices and concerns in exterior lighting. Uthayan talked about the MLO for North America and its use in today’s exterior lighting design, along with a comparison and discussion on MLOs’ in practice in other parts of the world. He then brought forward the importance of quality lighting and its effect on our health. He reviewed the makeup of our eyes and visual pathways, including the visual and non-visual receptors and the effect they have on our body rhythms and health. Uthayan’s one hour presentation included some of the latest research and he was very knowledgeable on his subject matter. The one hour presentation was followed by a short question period, and Uthayan continued to show his understanding and knowledge on the topic of lighting and health. This presentation would appeal to those with a technical background in the subject matter but would also be interesting and understood by those with little or no experience. I look forward to attending another of Uthayan’s presentation and a PEO meeting.


By: Vijay Sanchela

It was very exciting and interesting session of " light and health". It is new era of awakening that light can affect to the health of human, especially that blue light of high luminance can lead to a cancer. This awareness must share with each human being. Also Sky glow is waste of energy, it shall be stopped as much as possible to save the energy.

I really gained a lot in this session

Thanks for the whole team who organised the event


When 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where Malvern Library - 30 Sewells Rd. Scarborough, ON, M1B 3G5
Major Intersection - Neilson and Sewells Road
Public transit: Bus 133 - Neilson (Click for route info)
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First come first served. Priority will be given to Scarborough Chapter members, then other PEO members, guests and friends.
Cost Sponsored by Scarborough Chapter

Light refreshments and snacks will be served.

Light and Health

By – Uthayan Thurairajah, MSc, MIES, MIMSA, MPLDA, P.Eng.,

image1The lighting design process is of sufficient complexity that a logical and systematic approach is needed for selecting lighting luminaire, luminaire mounting heights, configurations, and luminaire spacing. Special attention must be given to light and health issues with emphasis on solving the problems of glare, sky glow, and light trespassing as well as analyze the illuminance and luminance calculations methods.

A comprehensive investigation of the policies and practices of various authorities throughout the world regarding the issue of light and health as well as scientific evidences and case studies will be taken for the presentation.

image2After the finding of a novel non-visual photoreceptor melanopsin, all the work done by various authorities around the world regarding the biological threshold values of the light based on the photopic vision become redundant. Therefore, Uthayan is proposing a new method to calculate the future of lighting design.

image3The lighting calculation case studies were completed by Uthayan both in Canada and Sweden provides a complete picture for the lighting system performance and how to mitigate light trespass problem and health based on current standards and practices. As you know, Human vision is a complex system and lot of things learns to be adapted to the lighting design practice. The new discovery of non-visual photoreceptor melanopsin is going to play major role in the future lighting design and the necessary to adopt the biological analysis as part of the lighting design requirement must be established.



uthayanUthayan Thurairajah, is a Professional Engineer with over 12 years of experience in the Electrical Engineering field, including 6 years as a Project Engineer with MMM Group Limited and other consultants on numerous multi disciplinary roadway lighting and traffic signal projects for Ministry of Transportation and various Towns, Municipalities and Regions.

Uthayan has extensive experience in the design of numerous projects, including but not limited to the electrical design of temporary and permanent high mast and conventional full and partial illumination, underpass illumination, pedestrian tunnel illumination, parking lot illumination, park illumination, transit station illumination, embedded work on structures, interconnect traffic signal design, temporary and permanent traffic signal systems, traffic detection systems, traffic counting stations and truck inspection stations. He also has experience in several contract administrations (CA) and the Quality Verification Engineer (QVE) services for the temporary and permanent traffic control signals and lighting.

He is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the province of British Columbia (APEGBC), Member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the province of Alberta (APEGA), Member of illumination engineering society of North America (IESNA), Associate Member of International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA), Member of Professional Lighting Design Association (PLDA), Europe and He was a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), London, England.


Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden: MSc in Lighting, 2010, International University: Hon. Doctorate, 2006, Ryerson University: Post Graduate Degree Certificate in Lighting, 2008, University of Windsor: BASc (Hon.) in Electrical Engineering, 1996.


Uthayan hold several professional certification including Certified Construction & Maintenance Electrician (CME), Certified Roadway Lighting Specialist (CRLS), Certified Traffic Signal Inspector (CTSI), Level 2 Certified Traffic Signal Field and Bench Electrician (CTSE), Certified Work Zone Safety Specialist (CWZSS), etc.


Uthayan has received numerous awards and honours - notably

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Among the number of publications by Uthayan are


In addtion to technical papers, Uthayan has contributed numerous poems for the Tamil Comunity of Canada in Tamil books.