Saturday, 25 June 2011

78 adults, 11 children participated and made the event a great success


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by: Ron Bayney P.Eng.

The Scarborough Chapter Family Event was held at the picturesque Bluffers Park Bar on Saturday June 25,2011 and was very well attended by members and their family.
Despite the threatening weather, the turnout was higher than expected and the organizers were quite busy ensuring all members and attendees were registered and looked after .
This event was well organized not only for the adults but specially for the children . The adults took part in the Bingo , Puzzle and Guessing Game while the kids were occupied with the Coloring contest, tug-o-war , spoon races, and other athletic activities . It was a great opportunity to socialize with other engineers and their family.
The food was scrumptious in variety ,quality and quantity.
All in all it was a great day of fun for the attendees and thier kids.
For a first-timer social event - the Scarborough Chapter organizers and their families did a great job.
We specially appreciate Pompilian's and Naray 's efforts and input which made this event a great success .

To Register for this event - please click here. Registration open upto June 22, 2011

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When 11:00 AM to 2:00 p.m. - June 25, 2011
Where Bluffers Park Snack Bar
7 Brimley Road South
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Registration Uthayan.
First come first served. Priority will be given to Scarborough Chapter members, then other PEO members, guests and friends.

Registration Form - Click here to download form, save send as attachment to email address above. (Registration Closing - June 22)


(Cash Only - at site)

Sponsored by Scarborough Chapter
Scarborough Chapter members: $ 5.00 Adult, $ 4.00 Under 12
PEO members: Same as above
Guests and others: Same as above

About the event

This is a family event and a fun day to mingle with the families of PEO - Scarborough Chapter members.

Spouses, Children, Grand Parents, Grand Children, friends, relations etc. are welcome.

Safety Information

This park is adjoining waterfront. Safety of the Children would be the responsibility of Parents/Guardians. It is advised that children are not allowed to go around without responsible adult accompanying.


A variety of food/drinks are available

ADULT (on the ticket)
The following items will be saved with Fries or Caesar Salad and Pop/Juice

CHILDREN (Under 12) (on the ticket)

The following items will be saved with Fries, *Pop/Juice & *Ice-cream

*Ice-cream (Chocolate, Vanilla or Mixed)

*Any Juice or Slush

A choice of additional refreshments available for purchase (outside the ticket)


Games for children, Bingo etc. etc.

Gifts - Give aways

If you have any small item in good acceptable condition and want of give away, may bring them along as prizes for game etc.