Tuesday May 31, 2011

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Certificate recipients - Spring 2011

Back row L>R: Abdullah Kausar, P.Eng.; Bill Smilis, P.Eng.; Gajani Indhrajit, P.Eng.; Hui Dong Deng, P.Eng.; Hui Ma, P.Eng.; Iqbal S.M. Hossain, P.Eng.; John Pernaranda, P.Eng.; Jozsef Gaspar, P.Eng.; Ka Lam Gary Chan, P.Eng.; Khalid Nazir Nabbie, P.Eng.; Kiran Patel, P.Eng.; Mark Stephen Pingal, P.Eng.; Md Faruque Mia, P.Eng.

Front row L>R: Philip Zhang, P.Eng.; Prakash Chandra Rastogi, P.Eng.; Rajesh Chandulal Mistry, P.Eng.; Rameshbhai Shankerbhai Patel, P.Eng.; Raymond Ramos Espina, P.Eng.; Ruby Achlaia Nayyar, P.Eng.; Sasdharan Nachimuthu, P.Eng.; Sheng Yun Cao, P.Eng.; Suzanne Hsiufei Li, P.Eng.; Thushan Rabimohan, P.Eng.; Trevor Neal Thomas, P.Eng.; Uthayakanthy Chelliah, P.Eng.; Ying Kun Jin, P.Eng.


By Irfan Syed Ali, P.Eng. (Volunteer)

It was very nice to be with the Chapter Certificate Presentation Team on May 31.
Room for improvement is always in every activity but I feel that yesterday’s event was well managed.
In addition to being licensed, the P. Eng. Certificate has an emotional value too and I think this is the correct way to share the happiness of new members. I was unlucky in that sense because I received my P. Eng. in mail box in 2003 and there was no ceremony, but yesterday I felt the joy and happiness as if I am receiving my license.
Thank you very much for providing such an opportunity and I feel proud to be with a respectful and active team.

Certificate Presentation Organised by PEO Scarborough Chapter

The Spring Certificate Presentation Ceremony for the newly licenced Engineers is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at 6:00 pm.

Certificate Recipients are cordially invited to attend this event at which time they will be presented with a framed Certificate.

To share this honour with you, we encourage you to invite as many family and friends as you wish. (click for Event Information and Registration)
Reservations must be made by May 23, 2011.

In the event you are unable to attend this ceremony, please contact cpc@peoscarborough.ca immediately. Your certificate will then be returned to the PEO and mailed unframed to you.

The Professional Engineers of Ontario is the largest professional organization in Canada with over 65,000 members. There are 5 main reigions namely Eastern, East Central, Northern, West Central and Western. Each PEO member belongs to one of the 36 Chapters. Scarborough Chapter is one of 6 chapters of East Cetral Region. (for more info please visit Chapters at www.peo.on.ca). These Chapters give you an opportunity to provide input into the affairs and direction of the PEO.

The Chapter system provides:
• A communication link between members and the PEO Council
• Representation of the Engineering Profession in the local community
• Organization of events dealing with professional, technical and general interest
• An opportunity to meet and associate with your fellow Professional Engineers
• An opportunity to be recognized by your peers in your field of engineering

Mark your calendar! Registration starts at 6:00pm

Event Information

When 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
May 31, 2011 (Tuesday)

Q-ssis Banquet Halls
3474 Kingston Road
Ontario M1M 1R5

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Registration cpc@peoscarborough.ca

Please register by May 23, 2011

Cost Sponsored by Scarborough Chapter
Certificate Recipients: Free
Guests and others: $35 per plate


Registration and Networking 6:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction of Chapter Guests - . 7:00 PM
Chair’s Message - 7:10 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Keynote Speech- 8:30 PM
Guest of Honour Message - 8:80 PM
Certificate Presentation 9:00 PM
Introduction of Board Members and Volunteers - 9:40 PM
Closing remarks 9:45 PM
Licensees Photograph 10:00 PM
Meet your colleagues and the Scarborough Chapter Board 10:10

Recipients - Spring 2011

# Recipient Name
01 Natalie Cubias Thomas
02 Ruby Achlaia Nayyar
03 Abdullah Kausar
04 Trevor Neal Thomas
05 Hui Ma
06 Chun Ling Pan
07 Md Faruque Mia
08 Uthayakanthy Chelliah
09 Tarek Elgizy
10 Raymond Ramos Espina
11 Aaron S. Chiu
12 Thushan Rabimohan
13 Ka Lam Gary Chan
14 Iqbal S.M. Hossain
15 Rameshbhai Shankerbhai Patel
16 Sheng Yun Cao
17 Suzanne Hsiufei Li
18 Ismail Ghazali Sheikh
19 Sajal Chandra Dhar
20 Hui Dong Deng
21 Rajesh Chandulal Mistry
22 Everard Livingston Rodney
23 Kartik Bhavsar
24 Jozsef Gaspar
25 Michael Diez d’Aux
26 Philip Zhang
27 Ying Kun Jin
28 Mark Stephen Pingal
29 Sasidharan Nachimuthu
30 Bill Smilis
31 Kayan Ma
32 Kiran Patel
33 Shaddy Samir Zaki Shokralla
34 Brandon James Simionati
35 Khalid Nazir Nabbie
36 Prakash Chandra Rastogi
37 Louis Leung
38 Gobikan Kathirgamanathan
39 Gajani Indhrajit