Thursday, 09 August 2012

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By Ram Jagdat, P. Eng., Consulting Engineer - Principal
Canada Engineering Services Inc.

On the invitation of Scarborough Chapter of PEO, Carl Friesen, MBA, Certified Management Consultant, gave a presentation titled “Build Your Career through publishing your ideas for Engineers”.

Carl Friesen is an experienced journalist and management consultant of Global Research Communications. The Presentation was on “how to get published in various magazines for free” so that engineers can become better known among the public, prospective employers and clients.

His talk was a comprehensive coverage of the variety of ways engineers can get various trade or technical magazines, or media outlets to publish relevant areas of their work to get themselves known to the readers of these publications as experts in their fields. Among the areas he addressed was writing as an expert about how something technical is done without giving away one’s trade secrets, writing about forensic engineering studies, capitalizing on the public’s curiosity over recent news of tragedy or disaster that has already been created by the media.

Though Mr. Friesen is not an engineer, his talk was surprisingly, primarily concerned with engineers’ use of trade and specialty magazines to generate welcomed advertisements for themselves and to become recognized as experts in their fields. He even brought along a successful forensic electrical engineer to give an example on how he was able to use one of these techniques to maintain the very high demand for his services in his field of expertise.

He stressed that to ensure your story gets published, “it was most important to first contact editors of these magazines to write on subjects they think would be of interest to their public” rather than to blindly write a piece and then send it in hoping to get it published. This he says is rather easy as editors are always looking to get new subjects that would attract readers to their magazines.

The event was well attended by engineers of a wide discipline and age group, generating interesting questions from these engineers. One young engineer, querying how this can be of benefit to younger professionals was surprised to learn that even budding engineers can use this strategy by working with experienced engineers to get themselves published as their junior Authors.

The talk was most welcomed by the large group of engineers attending, and judging by the abundance of questions from the participants at the end of Mr. Friesen’s talk, it is an area of interest engineers are keen to learn more about. More details of the subjects he covered can be found on his web page at


When 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. - Aug 09, 2012 (Thursday)
Where Bendale Public Library Meeting Room,
1515 Danforth Road, Scarborough
(Intersection - Lawrence E/McCowan)
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Build your career through publishing your ideas

Many engineers seek to do challenging, interesting work, and use their specialized knowledge to benefit society. Getting the opportunities to do that work is much easier if you have established a position as a person knowledgeable in your field, through publishing your ideas. In this presentation, former journalist Carl Friesen will discuss:

•How getting published, in print and online, helps engineers build rewarding careers in interesting specialties

•Finding media, such as trade magazines and business association websites, that reach potential clients and employers

•Several possible themes for articles that are particularly effective at demonstrating expertise

•How to work successfully with editors and other publication gatekeepers

•Leveraging your work through social media, including your LinkedIn profile

Meet the presenter - Carl Friesen, MBA

Carl Friesen has a background in journalism, with experience writing for newspapers and magazines.

Since 1992, he has focused on helping business professionals including engineers, architects, consultants and environmental scientists demonstrate their expertise through the news media.

He has a degree in Journalism, an MBA in Marketing, and is a Certified Management Consultant. He has helped many engineers from firms including Golder Associates, Hatch, the former UMA and many smaller firms to build their professional profile.