Wednesday, 05 September 2012

Event Pictures


Group Picture of Certificate Recipients

Seated L>R: Rachel A Yoganathan, P.Eng.; Rafay Muhammad Rashid, P.Eng.; Ramon Jeet Singh Virk, P.Eng.; Shahid Mohammad Neaz, P.Eng.; Wasay Rizwan, P.Eng.; Wei Qiao, P.Eng.; Wei Shi Lu, P.Eng.; Weinan Zhang, P.Eng.

Lower Row L>R: Ka Kui Ho, P.Eng.; Keith Kai-Wah Li, P.Eng.; Lian Ze Gong, P.Eng.; Mahya Mokhtari, P.Eng.; Mario Fernandes, P.Eng.; Maryam Reza, P.Eng.; Md Moinuddin Bhuiyan, P.Eng.; Mohammad Kabriul Hassan, P.Eng.; Mohammad Zahid Hossain, P.Eng.; Muhammad Aslam, P.Eng.; Paul Claude Grylis, P.Eng.; Pompilian Tofilescu, P.Eng.; Prashanda Kumar Saha, P.Eng.

Upper Row L>R: A S M Shawkatul Islam, P.Eng.; A G Kwan, P.Eng.; Ahmed F Gouda, P.Eng.; Aburba Bhowmik, P.Eng.; Daniel Caliwag Alonzo, P.Eng.; Edward Wing Wah Chan, P.Eng.; Gary Tan, P.Eng.; Hani W Gourgui Mishriki, P.Eng.; Hong Shen, P.Eng.; Jawad Ali, P.Eng.; John Matthew Bajur, P.Eng.; Joseph Ezekiel Gowrie, P.Eng.

Guest of Honour at the event - Hon Soo Wong - Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services and MPP for Scarborough Agincourt.


Hon Soo Wong, MPP addressing the newly licenced Engineers


The Fall Certificate Presentation Ceremony for the newly licenced Engineers is scheduled for Wednesday, September 05, 2012, at 6:00 pm.

Certificate Recipients are cordially invited to attend this event at which time they will be presented with a framed Certificate.

To share this honour with you, we encourage you to invite as many family and friends as you wish. (click for Event Information and Registration)

Reservations must be made by Aug 24, 2012.

In the event you are unable to attend this ceremony, please contact immediately. Your certificate will then be returned to the PEO and mailed unframed to you.

The Professional Engineers of Ontario is the largest professional organization in Canada with over 70,000 members. There are 5 main reigions namely Eastern, East Central, Northern, West Central and Western. Each PEO member belongs to one of the 36 Chapters. Scarborough Chapter is one of 6 chapters of East Cetral Region. (for more info please visit Chapters at These Chapters give you an opportunity to provide input into the affairs and direction of the PEO.

The Chapter system provides:

• A communication link between members and the PEO Council

• Representation of the Engineering Profession in the local community

• Organization of events dealing with professional, technical and general interest

• An opportunity to meet and associate with your fellow Professional Engineers

• An opportunity to be recognized by your peers in your field of engineering

Mark your calendar! Registration starts at 5:30pm

Event Information

When 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
September 05, 2012 (Wednesday)
Where Grand Baccus Banquet & Conference Centre
2155 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, ON M1V 5P1
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Please register by Aug 24, 2012
Cost Sponsored by Scarborough Chapter
Certificate Recipients: Free
Guests and others: $35 per plate

Agenda (tentetive)

Registration and Networking 5:30 PM
Welcome and Introduction of Chapter Guests 7:00 PM
Chair’s Message 7:10 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Keynote Speech 8:30 PM
Guest of Honour Message 8:50 PM
Certificate Presentation 9:00 PM
Introduction of Board Members and Volunteers 9:40 PM
Closing remarks 9:45 PM
Licensees Photograph 10:00 PM
Meet your colleagues and the Scarborough Chapter Board 10:10 PM

Recipients - Fall 2012

# Certificate Name (Alphabetic order)
01 A S M Shawkatul Islam
02 A.G. Kwan
03 Ahmed F. Gouda
04 Anna Sauer
05 Apurba Bhowmik
06 Cherry Punzaran Ballesteros
07 Daniel Caliwag Alonzo
08 Edward Wing Wah Chan
09 Gary Tan
10 Georges Tannous
11 Goran Zdravkovic
12 Hamid-Reza Mazaheri
13 Hani Wadie Gourgui Mishriki
14 Harkishan Mewal Jashnani
15 Hong Shen
16 Jane Yu Liu
17 Jawad Ali
18 John Matthew Bajur
19 Joseph Ezekiel Gowrie
20 Ka Kui Ho
21 Keith Kai-Wah Li
22 Lian Ze Gong
23 Lin Ye
24 Mahya Mokhtari
25 Mario Fernandes
26 Maryam Reza
27 Md Moinuddin Bhuiyan
28 Mohammad Kabirul Hasan
29 Mohammad Zahid Hossain
30 Muhammad Aslam
31 Paul Claude Grylls
32 Pompilian Tofilescu
33 Prashanta Kumar Saha
34 Rachel Anandyni Yoganathan
35 Rafay Muhammad Rashid
36 Ramon Jeet Singh Virk
37 Reza Jamalirad
38 Richard Edward Hui
39 Shahid Mohammad Neaz
40 Wasay Rizwan
41 Wei Feng Liang
42 Wei Qiao
43 Wei Shi Lu
44 Weinan Zhang